Blog: Unstructured Data & Komprise

Blog: Unstructured Data & Komprise

Unstructured data is growing rapidly. It is often trapped in silo’s and hard to analyze. Consequently, we see unstructured file data often kept for many years on expensive primary storage. It is estimated, that over 60% of all unstructured data in organizations has not been used within the past 12 months.  Data management for unstructured and so-called cold data needs to change. We believe we have found a great solution to help you with your unstructured data: Komprise.

Komprise & Unstructured data

Komprise analyses data in minutes and gives great insight about size, age, and type of data. It does so without necessary specific hardware, agents, or complex configuration. A small installation can be done within the hour. The results are presented very soon after that. All done via a smooth and crisp web user interface.

But that is not all! After the analysis we can archive cold data to a different, cheaper, platform. This often leads to instant cost-reduction without affecting the user experience or application. Using only open-source technology (no stubs) and not interfering with the hot-data path and supporting a broad range of vendors for both source and destination. With the scalable technology it scales from a few TB to hundreds of PB over multiple locations.

And if that was not enough, it also has a special data migration option to migrate unstructured file data from any source to any destination, on-premises, in the cloud, everywhere. If more insight is needed, deep analytics can create a virtual data lake with queries over your unstructured meta-data.

Analyze & Archive with DMP

This software is offered as-a-service by DMP. With a free-of-charge proof-of-concept and a pay-peruse model for both analytics and archiving it is the right solution for insight and archiving of your unstructured file data.

Would you like to learn more? A while ago, we did a live demonstration. You can check out the YouTube video below. Of course, we can provide a live demo or proof-of-concept. If you are interested, be sure to get in touch with Martijn Moret, the author of this blog. Martijn Moret is a Solution Architect at DMP and has over 20 years of experience with enterprise IT and data center solutions. Get in touch with Martijn via our main telephone number +31 85 401 34 34.

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