Broad Horizon acquires Data Management Professionals

Broad Horizon acquires Data Management Professionals

From left to right: Johan Taams (Broad Horizon), Eric Evers (DMP), Henny van de Riet (DMP), Maurice Pastoor (DMP), Rudolf Meijer (Broad Horizon)

Broad Horizon, provider of IT, data and cloud solutions, continues its growth strategy with the acquisition of Data Management Professionals (DMP). DMP provides data management services and ensures that the data of their clients is accessible at all times and at any location. With this acquisition, Broad Horizon continues to dedicate itself to providing a wide range of IT, data, storage and cloud services.

The acquisition of DMP fits within the acquisition strategy set out by Broad Horizon. In addition to services in the areas of data & AI, Broad Horizon also provides services for modern workplaces, business applications, cloud services and managed hosting. The portfolio was lacking an organisation specialised in DataManagement-as-a-Service for the storage, availability and management of large volumes of data.

“We are really proud that DMP is coming to strengthen our team and that we can continue to build on our data management ambitions,” said Johan Taams, CEO of Broad Horizons. “We help organisations to become data-driven and gain the maximum intelligence from their data. In addition we assist organisations in unlocking their data by digitalising the workplace and core processes with the aid of business applications. Finally we have the hybrid cloud and security layer to host and manage systems and applications. With DMP we complement this with an advanced and fully-managed storage, back-up and data management platform.”

Henny van de Riet, Maurice Pastoor and Eric Evers, management board members of DMP, are pleased to take this step. “We see a good match in terms of culture between the two organisations, as well as an increasingly data-driven approach by our customers.” “We have a high level of knowledge and experience within the group. This gives us the possibility to serve our customers even better. Together with Broad Horizon, DMP can live its motto of ‘Your data in safe hands’ even more intensively”.

About Data Management Professionals

DMP targets ‘data-rich’ organisations in the mid- and high sector and offers various DataManagement-as-a-Service solutions for the storage, availability and management of large quantities of data, on-premises or in the cloud. DMP has a strong position in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and the UK. DMP has more than 60 employees and serves more than 300 organisations via 10 data centres spread across four continents.

About Broad Horizon

Broad Horizon is one of the larger Dutch data, business applications, managed hosting and cloud businesses. Other companies that come under Broad Horizon are managed hosting provider True and data specialists Cmotions and Underlined. Broad Horizon is a specialist in the area of the full Microsoft platform, including ERP, CRM, modern workplace and all cloud services. Almost five hundred people work at Broad Horizon. The company is located in Amsterdam, Hilversum, Nieuwegein, Maastricht and Amersfoort and also has an office in Ghent.

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