Storage efficiency

Am I using my storage efficiently enough? Data tends to grow explosively. Not just because of all the files that are created, but because copies...
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Tapeless back-up

Backing up to tape no longer works for our organization. Just about half of all companies use tape for their back-ups. Although tape is relatively...
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More efficiency

I want to be able to do more with the same manpower. Your time is precious. After all, every hour counts. But managing your IT...
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Office 365 back-up

Is the Office 365 back-up adequate? More and more companies are opting for Office 365. It makes sense! With Office 365 your Office applications are...
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Cloud back-up

Can I back-up cloud applications? Nowadays you can also purchase almost all applications in subscription form, as-a-Service. This is useful because you don’t have to...
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Flexibility and scalability

I need extra storage capacity that is flexible and scalable. Because data tends to grow exponentially, you may be running into the limits of your...
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What should I do in the event of a ransomware attack? It is a scourge for many organizations: ransomware. One unsuspecting user who accidentally clicks...
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Is my organization AVG / GDPR compliant? The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG or GDPR) has scared many organizations, not least because of the sanctions...
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24/7 availability

Our systems must be available 24/7. IT forms the basis of all modern business, of all innovation and is simply "too big to fail". The...
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Fall-back location

The fall-back location costs us too much time. In the current 24/7 economy you want to have the confidence that your IT systems will always...
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