Tapeless back-up

Tapeless back-up:

Backing up to tape no longer works for our organization.

Just about half of all companies use tape for their back-ups. Although tape is relatively cheap, the question is whether it will still be satisfactory in a more complex IT environment with virtual machines, cloud applications and greater dependence on data availability. More and more often the tape cannot keep track of the amount of data to be backed up. It’s not without reason that many companies are switching to other solutions that are faster and ensure that data can be retrieved faster in the event of an emergency.

Object storage on specially equipped and highly efficient systems or back-up to the cloud are proven solutions. Data is stored in a flat structure provided with metadata, which makes it scalable, easy to search and, moreover, makes lightning-fast recovery possible in the event of an emergency. Want to make the switch too? DM-P is happy to help you on your way.


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