Cohesity heralds a new Data Management era and solves a major challenge that many companies currently face: “massive data fragmentation

Over 80% of company data is stored in shared files, object stores, archives, backups, and the data set that is used for testing/development and analysis. This often concerns unstructured data that is stored in fragmented infrastructure silos. This makes it hard to protect the data and it is expensive to manage and difficult to analyse.

Together with DMP, Cohesity consolidates these silos into a single web-scale data platform that is available both on premises and in the cloud. This platform enables organisations to uniformly manage, analyse and access this data.

Cohesity’s software-defined storage infrastructure was developed by the creator of the Google File System. It makes it possible to use different apps within the platform, which makes it very easy to create backups, process data in a smart way and easily extract insights from this data.

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