Object Storage

Object Storage offers a scalable and price-efficient solution. The object storage platform stores data in the so-called buckets. The data in a bucket can be...
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Backup Appliance

IT departments often struggle to find effective backup management systems. They need to choose the right hardware, software and support, and combine all these different...
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Backup Storage

When it comes to back-up storage, we make a distinction between disk-based systems, object storage and deduplication hardware. The choice of the back-up storage system...
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Production Storage

Based on its expertise, DMP gives advice on the best possible storage solutions to meet your requirements, both for now and in the future. We...
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We Store

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We Manage

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DMaaS Cloud Drive

Are you reaching the capacity limits of your current storage system? Or do you have regular peak periods when you need additional data storage? But...
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When IT management is driven by time constraints, backups often pay the price. Systems are often purchased, installed and a ‘green light’ after each backup...
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Disaster Recovery

Data security is important but availability is perhaps even more so. With a secure copy of your business data in the cloud, you are protected...
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We Protect

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Office 365 Backup

Office 365 is a great solution. All your trusted Office applications and files always up to date and always available from the cloud. However, the...
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Managed Services

Would you like to cease spending time on data management and data protection but still stay in control of everything happening to your data? Opt...
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Your time is precious. After all, every hour counts. But managing your IT environment takes time. A lot of time. Even if you have the...
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