Managed Services

Managed Services:
Free your hands for innovation

Would you like to cease spending time on data management and data protection but still stay in control of everything happening to your data? Opt for DMaaS Managed Services then and let DMP’s specialists take over your data management. This will keep your hands free for the many other IT management tasks and you will become more like the director of your IT environment rather than the administrator. You can customise our managed services fully to your requirements and specific environment. Although we take over daily administration from you, you maintain full oversight of what our specialists are doing for you and any issues they encounter. They will inform you about any problems – even if they fall outside of the established SLA – and if possible resolve them for you. We regularly review with you whether the service still meets expectations and what improvements we could introduce. We strive for 100% transparent service in which you are will always be attended by a member of our staff and in your own language.

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Lieke Hofland
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I want to be able to do more with the same manpower.
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