Backup Appliance

Backup Appliance:
Effective backup management systems

IT departments often struggle to find effective backup management systems. They need to choose the right hardware, software and support, and combine all these different elements into a viable solution. Backup applications involve a lot of different elements. In time, this could lead to a situation in which different components no longer work well together. And there is usually no way back.

DataManagement Professionals (DMP) solves this problem once and for all with the DMP Backup Appliance. We compiled and pre-configured this backup solution based on Commvault and NetApp-technology. With this appliance, IT departments can rely on a ready-to-use system that provides backups of physical and virtual servers, application data, SaaS applications or cloud resources. This puts a permanent end to the traditional components-based approach. You don’t have to struggle anymore to combine different elements; it is a complete solution for all your back-up needs.

Experience and expertise

The DMP Backup Appliance was developed based on many years of experience and expertise with Commvault’s data management software and NetApp storage hardware. We combined the technology of these two market leaders into a standardised and completely customised backup solution for companies that seek a reliable on-premises backup environment. The DMP Backup Appliance stands out by being rapidly deployable and easy to manage. It also offers high scalability and is easy to integrate into an existing environment. This solution responds to the need for greater flexibility and less complexity within IT infrastructures.

The benefits of DMP Backup Appliance in a nutshell:

  • Speed. The DMP Backup Appliance is fully pre-configured based on the client’s requirements and wishes. As a result, this solution can be operational within just a few hours, which also increases the return on investment.
  • Flexibility. Commvault and NetApp are widely known for their flexibility and for focusing on providing scalable solutions that are easily adapted to the organisation’s needs as they grow.
  • Reliable. By using the DMP Backup Appliance, the IT department doesn’t need to worry anymore about whether all the components are compatible. DMP offers a fine-tuned solution that stands for a validated system, and which meets all your backup needs. Moreover, there is only one contact for the complete hardware and software solution.
  • Safety. The DMP Backup Appliance makes it possible to set up a secure and reliable full backup process. Storage administrators have full insight into the backup progress, and into the percentage of the backup that is complete. This reduces the administrative burden and enables administrators to focus more on strategic tasks.
  • It can be used in a hybrid environment. More and more organisations are considering moving part of their backup process to the cloud. The DMP Backup Appliance was designed to work in hybrid environments with a mix of on-premises and (public) cloud.

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