Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery:
Rapidly back in business after an incident

Data security is important but availability is perhaps even more so. With a secure copy of your business data in the cloud, you are protected against data loss but that doesn’t mean that your IT environment will be available again quickly after a disaster or a cyberattack. Do you want the certainty that your systems will always be up and running? Opt then for DMaaS Disaster Recovery (DR). DMaaS DR, usually deployed as an extension to DMaaS Backup, uses an off-site data copy to restore your business-critical servers and bring them online in the DMP cloud. Your staff will quickly regain access to their systems and data via a secured network connection after a disaster.

You can purchase DMaas DR at varying levels, depending on the amount of data and the recovery timescale you require. The service is also available for specific business software. As part of the service, a DMP specialist will produce a DR plan with you that establishes your requirements and a number of practical issues. Based on this DR plan, we conduct an annual DR test to be sure that the plan works. Throughout the year, our specialists monitor the performance for you and we regularly review with you whether the chosen solution still meets your requirements.

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