DMaaS Cloud Drive

DMaaS Cloud Drive:
Simple and fast extra storage capacity

Are you reaching the capacity limits of your current storage system? Or do you have regular peak periods when you need additional data storage? But you would prefer not to have to buy any new systems? Then opt for DMaaS Cloud Drive: flexible, secure and reliable storage capacity in our own DMP cloud for a fixed price per month based on capacity and performance.


You can easily purchase more or less storage in the cloud and you only pay for what you actually use. Our specialists monitor the performance for you and every quarter we review with you whether the chosen solution fulfils your requirements. You can further extend DMaaS Cloud Drive with DMaaS Managed Services and of course with our data protection services DMaaS Backup and DMaaS DR.

DMaaS Cloud Drive is available in three variants:

  • Backup Optimized Storage, for a safe and secure off-site backup.
  • Object Storage, specially designed for (modern) applications which use the S3-interface.
  • Replication Storage, for replicating your data to the DMP cloud.

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I need extra storage capacity that is flexible and scalable.
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